Maria Hubbard speaks on April 15th for E-Learn Memphis

You are invited to a meeting of E-Learn Memphis–a group of e-learning practitioners representing many businesses and organizations in the Memphis region.

• When: 4:30 P.M. to 6:00 P.M., April 15th, 2013
• Where: University of Memphis, Ball Hall 320. Map: • Featured Speaker: Maria Hubbard
• Who is Invited: anyone interested in teaching and learning • Parking: use the parking garage just north of Ball Hall
• Food: we will have light refreshments
• About E-Learn Memphis:

Session Description: My Career Path, or How my IDT Education Saved Me

Maria will describe how her training in Instructional Design and Technology has prepared and equipped her for a long, successful, and varied career with multiple organizations in the Memphis region. In this interactive session she will speak about the knowledge and skills one needs to succeed in various types of roles within our field.

Speaker Biographical Sketch:

Maria Hubbard has over 20 years of professional experience in transportation and distribution, banking, retail, gaming/hospitality industries and consumer services. She specializes in human resource development and organizational effectiveness, including strategic planning, employee culture development, leadership training and development, employment practices, and career coaching.

More on her career and experience is here:

Please forward this notice to interested colleagues, or those you know involved in training and learning initiatives.


Dr. Trey Martindale, Ed.D., Associate Professor
Instructional Design and Technology, University of Memphis
(901) 870-6926

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