Employment Opportunties at CTI

From David Dufour:

One of the best things I get to do as my Memphis network expands is to share opportunities. My company, Crew Training International (CTI), has several business opportunities lined up and will need specific skills for part-time/project work. Below are links to our website and the specific positions. Please apply if you are interested, pass on to anyone in your networks and/or if you have an idea of how our businesses can collaborate, please feel free to contact me directly.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at one of the Memphis functions.

The following positions have been posted for potential proposal efforts:

1. eLearning Developer – http://www.cti-crm.com/cti-employment/elearning-specialist/

2. eLearning Programmer – http://www.cti-crm.com/cti-employment/elearning-programmer-3/

3. Instructional Designer – http://www.cti-crm.com/cti-employment/instructional-designer-2/

4. 3D Multimedia Artist – http://www.cti-crm.com/cti-employment/3d-multimedia-artist-4/

5. Cinematographer – http://www.cti-crm.com/cti-employment/cinematographer-3/

6. Project Manager – http://www.cti-crm.com/cti-employment/project-manager/

All the Best,

David Dufour

Managing Director of Operations

800-752-8839 ext 243

901-336-5209 (C)

Crew Training International

“Accelerating your performance through cutting-edge learning”

800.752.8839 901.754.8839 901.751.0836(fax) www.cti-crm.com

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