Dr. Trey Martindale to Speak at E-Learn Memphis on Monday, April 15th, 4:30PM

You are invited to a meeting of E-Learn Memphis–a group of e-learning practitioners representing many businesses and organizations in the Memphis region.

Program note: Our previously planned speaker, Maria Hubbard, needed to be rescheduled due to a family situation.

• When: 4:30 P.M. to 6:00 P.M., April 15th, 2013
• Where: University of Memphis, Ball Hall 320. Map: http://bit.ly/9xzqNU • Featured Speaker: Trey Martindale, Associate Professor, Instructional Design and Technology, University of Memphis
• Who is Invited: anyone interested in teaching and learning
• Parking: use the parking garage just north of Ball Hall
• Food: we will have light refreshments
• About E-Learn Memphis: https://elearnmemphis.wordpress.com/about/

Session Description: Resources for Preparing and Succeeding in Your Instructional Design Career

Dr. Martindale will share a collection of web resources (and how to use them) to help you have a successful career in instructional design and e-learning.

Speaker Biographical Sketch:

Trey Martindale is Associate Professor in the Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) program with the University of Memphis. He is a research scientist with the University of Memphis Institute for Intelligent Systems (IIS), a collection of researchers from computer science, cognitive science, engineering, and linguistics who are creating intelligent tutoring and instructional systems of the future.More on his career and experience is here: http://treymartindale.com/about/

Please forward this notice to interested colleagues, or those you know involved in training and learning initiatives.

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