Choosing and Implementing a Learning Management System

Featured Speaker: Kevin Thorn, Learning Technologies Specialist and LMS Administrator, AutoZone

  • When: 11:30am-1:00pm, Thursday, September 25th, 2008
  • Where: FedEx Institute of Technology, Room 405


  • History & Background
    • Where were we 5 years ago – print out pdf document and take quiz in green screen technology system
    • Where were we 2 years ago – HTML page-flippers via Training tab on company intranet. Quiz still in old system
  • The Challenge – Pre LMS. Developing content and the idea of delivering on-line training with associated assessments was not the biggest challenge.
    • Environment – no training ‘room’ with dedicated training computer
    • Infrastructure – Unix O/S, with old version of Firefox running on NeoWare Thin Clients with limited memory, no audio, no video, and only Flash Player 6 capable
  • The Solution
    • Just-In-Time Training – short
    • 5-10 min modules comprised into a Topic titled curriculum 5-10% on-line, 90-95% shadow training, coaching.
    • Behavior-based approach with information on where to find policies and procedures
  • LMS Customizations
    • User Interface – In an out! Users need to login, “see and access” their assigned training, and exit. ‘My Learning Plan’ became default login page
    • Historical (legacy data) progress tool – needed ability to load historical (legacy) data of tests from old system. Plus, have the ability to load annual and bi-annual external certification criteria
    • HRIS feed – very complex! Still not where we want it. One domain, with five distinct areas of the business. Stores, SSC (corporate office), AllData (software company), Distribution Centers, and Mexico. No one single hierarchy existed for the entire enterprise. Had to build one from scratch extracting user data from multiple sources/systems.
  • Metrics for evaluating implementation success
    • Short 5 page module with 5 questions presenting the overall company’s culture. The success of the LMS would be 50k+ users accessing the LMS from various locations and businesses (various bandwidth, operating systems, browsers, etc.).
  • Future plans
    • IDP
    • Succession Planning
    • Performance Appraisals
    • LMS customizations