Do you know what SCORM is? Do you how to use SCORM?
Do you not like SCORM?

    If you answered yes, no, or maybe to any of these questions, then this WERN meeting is perfect for you and your organization. Starting with the October WERN meeting, ADL will present its first in a series of discussions on SCORM, eventually culminating in the SCORM Challenge, in which attendees and members of WERN will be able to put together their own SCORM Conformant course. The first meeting will be led by Michael Dowdy of Regions Bank and Dr. Xiangen Hu of the Workforce ADL Co-Lab. Topics will include:

    • What is the ADL Network and What Can it do for You?
    • What is SCORM?
    • Myths and Misconceptions of SCORM
    • SCORM Challenge
      … … and Much More

    We strongly encourage all of you to attend and bring along your colleagues. The meeting will take place this Thursday (10/26) from 300pm to 500pm in room 226 at the FedEx Institute of Technology. If you have any questions, please feel to contact the Workforce ADL Co-Lab via telephone (901.678.5736) or email (

    Other SCORM Resources

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