Baby steps: Youth Villages’ journey towards a true e-learning training solution

We will have two presentations this month:

  1. Andy Yu from Youth Villages
  2. Suresh Susarla from Workforce Co-Lab In addition,

we will have some updates about TN State projects and potential support from DoD to the Co-Lab.

  • Andy Yu will be presenting on Youth Villages’ early experiences with eLearning. The title of his talk will be “Baby steps: Youth Villages’ journey towards a true e-learning training solution
    • Youth Villages is a regional non-profit behavioral health agency with offices in 6 states and the District of Columbia. As the world’s largest provider of Multi-Systemic Therapy (MST), an empirically-driven treatment approach, YV faces unique challenges in training its widespread and diverse workforce. An ongoing partnership with the Workforce Co-lab and helpful conversations with WERN representatives are moving YV towards assessing solutions which will help us better fulfill our mission of “helping children and families live successfully”.
  • Suresh Susarla from Workforce ADL Co-Lab will give a fascinating talk about Games and how serious games will help learner learn. He has been our experts in game and simulation and had been involved with other game researchers in ADL network. He participated workshops in Stanford last summer and had exchanges with world leading researchers in the field.

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