February 2006 WERN Meeting

The meeting will kick off by having Dr. Xiangen Hu talk about his recent keynote presentation and experiences at the first annual Florida eLearning Consortium. In addition, Matt Beickert will be leading a discussion regarding the failures and mistakes made in eLearning programs. Dr. Michael Grant will speak at the conclusion of the meeting about the basics of item analysis for evaluation purposes.
The Advanced Distributed Learning Workforce Co-Lab is capturing the momentum generated by the eLearning Summit through the creation of the Workforce eLearning Resource Network (WERN).The next meeting will mark the beginning of the new year, so new faces, new ideas, and news of success are welcome.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email (info@workforcecolab.org) or by phone (901.678.5736). To confirm your participation at the next meeting, you may either contact us directly or register online at http://www.workforcecolab.org.

Link to the WERN Meeting

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